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Solutions and innovative alternatives to the traditional technologies and materials

The ease and speed of the journey from the initial idea to the final solution is unprecedented in human history thanks to the 3D print. We make this fascinated world of 3D solutions accessible to our customers and partners, accompanying them on their way to the everyday use of those technologies.

We are discovering the world of innovative materials for you. Composite materials reinforced with continuous fibre - Kevlar, Glass or Carbon layed into the nylon matrix, as well as composites containing carbon microfibre on PETG or nylon base and plastic based composites with wood or metal fill are offering interesting properties, often outmatching the traditional materials in various application fields.

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We are seeking for practical applications of innovative 3D printing technology. We grow with each request of our clients we are ready to cooperate on your challenges and visions.

3D technology enabled the designers and producers around the world to accelerate the realization and production of their ideas and solutions and significantly cutting costs. The variability and scalability of the offered solutions are unprecedented.

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