About us


Company Ampak has been founded in 2016 as family enterprise without outside funds (see commercial register). Our core business is providing of 3D printing services, in particular focused on solutions that are capable of delivering adequate alternatives to the traditional technologies and materials within affordable investment and pricing levels.

Out of the currently available concepts we mainly deal with 3D printing of the composite materials reinforced with continuous fibre - Kevlar, Glass or Carbon layed into the nylon matrix, as well as composites containing carbon microfibre on PETG or nylon base and plastic based composites with wood or metal fill.
Of course, we offer the print of "common" filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Flex, Nylon, ..., too.


3D printing is said to be the disruptive / game changing technology capable of changing our world.

We believe, that for fullfilling this ambitous expectations the technology must be capable of producing not only models/prototypes, but mainly custom and/or low-volume batches of functional parts suitable for real use.

Thanks to the 3D printing the journey from the initial idea to the final solution has never been so fast and simple. The dawn of materials that match up or even exceed with their properties their traditional alternatives, implies a potential to create fields of application so far unseen and unimagined; brand new concepts will recruit unconventional target groups...

Priniciples and values

We're living the age of consume. Definition of success and profit is very much reduced down to the financial manifestation of those categories, as the behavior of many "successful" individuals and companies clearly proofs.

Company AMPAK is as well an enterpreneurial initiative and producing financial profit is an inevitable stipulation of its existence. Yet, we do not reduce the terms profit and success to the financial indicators. We evaluate our activities as successful enterprising only if all the three following aspects are equally represented in our outcomes:

– part of our enterpreneurial activity are people, who directly contribute to its materialization, as well as our partners and customers. We are only interested to create solutions that offer equally realistic chances to produce economical profit for all participating parties.
– we believe, that producing of financial profit is not contradictory to obeying of fundamental ethical norms. We do not engage into activities in which the human dignity is damaged, and / or the people are administered to violate the principles of honest behaviour. As far as practicable, we subscribe to the support of education and enhancing the quality of life in the region we actuate.
– 3D printing facilitates significant improvement in efficiency of the supply chains and through that reducing of negative impact of human activities on our environment. We are striving to perform our activities with minimum possible environmental burden and in a way that does not reduce the chances of future generations for living in a functioning ecosystem.

This is how we define sustainability, which is essential and integral part of our business concept.

3D Print and guns

Have you noticed the news about employment of 3D printing technology for production of small arms, or have you been even inspired by those? It was a hype, to the large extent lacking a realistic basis.

Despite of that, our dear partners and prospective customers, please note that our company is not interested in taking part in development and production of any arms or armament systems. This principle applies not only to the direct printing, but as well to deliveries of services and goods to the companies, who are involved in the process and/or intend the employment of 3D printing for this purpose.

The exception to the rule could be granted in case of arm parts used for sports or replicas of historical weapons. in such cases anyway, we reserve the right to get all relevant information about the intended usage of our services and products and as well the right to refuse cooperation based on the previous disclaimer.

Our position is based on the belief, that the 3D printing technology will find enough applications at assisting solutions focused on the creation of values and improving the lives, not at their destruction.