Markforged - Mark Two

The technology of printing with two print heads - one of which creates the nylon matrix of the printed part, the same ways as other FDM/FFF printers capable of nylon printing. The other uniquely designed printhead optionally adds continuous fiber to the nylon matrix (glass, Kevlar or carbon) and creates composite with significantly better properties compared to sheer nylon. The appropriate combination of the both used materials is controlled by the proprietary (installation-free, cloud based) slicing software Eiger.

  • Maximum print volume 320mm x 132mm x 154mm
  • Vertical resolution (Minimum layer height) 0,1 mm
  • Printer size 575mm x 322mm x 360mm
  • Power Input / Output  100–240 V  /  150 W

The printer uses exclusively proprietary Markforged filaments - 1,75 mm diameter nylon filament and special fiber spools.

Nylon filament (base/matrix)

Nylon has been chosen as the matrix for the composite materials printed by Markforged printers because of its superior properties in comparison to all other FDM (FFF) printing materials. Nylon combines high strength, durability and in thin-walled applications as well flexibility. Due to its its bio-compatibility it is frequently used in medical applications. When 3D printed, it features low linear thermal expansion, the parts are resistant to most common chemicals and solvents.


Fiberglass is the inexpensive materials offering equal strength, 40% stiffness and double weight compared to the carbon composite. Suitable for use in parts requiring increased strength.


Kevlar features the best wear-resistance and is most flexible from all the offered composites. Suitable for parts with required durability and high impact resistance.

HSHT Fiberglass

High Strength High Temperature Fiberglass has been developed specially for applictions requiring high strength and improved heat deflection (105°C – 140°C).
Please consult availability and possible order lead time for this material.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber features the highest strength-to-weight ratio and the best thermal conductivity. Excellent for applications requiring the highest possible stiffness and strength.

Printer - Průša (original)

RepRap printer with single print head and heated print bed. Open source concept allows to use different software for slicing. Upgradable, modifiable and extendable printer. Equipped with LCD display and SD card slot for autonomous printing.

Currently operating one MK3S version and one MK2 version with multi-material extension (MMU1) for simultaneous printing with up to 4 filaments.

  • Maximum print volume 250mm x 210mm x 200mm
  • Vertical resolution (minimum layer height) 0,05 mm
  • Printer size 420mm x 420mm x 380mm
  • Power Input / Output  240 V  /  200 W (mean 70-100 W)

Majority of the commonly available filaments.