3D tlač Ampak3D

3D tlač - výroba modelov, návrh, skenovanie, poradenstvo


We are able to create an object based on the narrative description of your idea or based on different types of technical documentation. In addition, we offer as well the services of an engineer-designer, who is able to align the visual of the object with the required mechanical properties of the part.

The transformation of the parameters of the created 3D model into the set of instructions for the printer layer for layer is a crucial part of the 3D printing process - it decides about the final material structure and hence about the mechanical properties of the printed object, its looks and surface texture. In this entirely new discipline, the experience with particular filament brands used with particular printer models is utmost important. We are striving to gain know-how in this area so that we can successfully cope with the challenges our customer face.


3D scanning

Creating of 3D models by 3D scanning of real objects and editing of those according to the requirements is being at a preparation stage. Currently we can recommend experienced specialists operating state of the art 3D scanning technologies.



Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal via consulting services. We gladly support you with your ad hoc occasional requests as well as on regular/scheduled base.


3D printing

We provide 3D printing of delivered 3D models, the delivery time is set by the utilization of our printing equipment.
For the printing of composite materials with continuous fibres, Markforged proprietary slicing application is capable of modifying of the delivered 3D model according to the requirements for physical properties of the printed part and integrating the layers of glass, Kevlar or carbon fiber.